ACH Guarantee

Check Gateway offers an ACH Guarantee program for both brick and mortar merchants as well as WEB and TEL merchants. Offering an ACH Guarantee product for traditional brick and mortar businesses has complexities but these complexities are easily managed by Check Gateway. You and your clients can have a simple guarantee product that will make accepting ACH or paper checks simple, secure and profitable. In addition, we have developed a WEB Guarantee product. This is unheard of in the ACH world but we can provide this service for select WEB merchants.

Guarantee is an easy way to introduce ACH to many clients as it provides an easy way for a merchant to manage their payment processing. For info contact an account manager...

We wanted to accept ACH on the web but no one would offer any type of guarantee product. When our representative approached us with Check Gateway's solution we signed up right away and we couldn't be happier. It really makes accepting ACH easy Active Processing ACH Merchant

Key Features

  • Guarantee provides an all encompassing out of the box solutions for merchants that want to avoid the dealing with collecting on bad checks from their clients
  • Simplifies accounting. If a transaction is accepted through the system the merchant is guaranteed payment. It's that simple
  • By offering a guarantee product to your client base it will open a new revenue stream for you as an ISO and provide another viable payment option for your client. Studies show consumers want options.
  • Merchants will no longer have to wait to provide services or product if a check is presented. Once a transaction is approved the payment is guaranteed. The merchant can complete the transaction and release product or services
  • WEB guarantee is now available for select WEB merchants. ACH use on the WEB is considerable and should not be ignored. Having a guarantee option will create more revenue generating opportunities for you and make the clients consumers experience better.
  • Through our network of banks and our proprietary scoring model we are able to offer a guarantee product at a very reasonable price.