White Label Options

Check Gateway is aware as an ISO creating a consistent and inclusive brand is essential to differentiating yourself in a competitive market. An ISO can effectively White Label virtually all aspects of the Check Gateway solution. The White Label process is very simple and our technical team will completely walk you through the process. ISO’s find it very effective to be able to brand our Gateway and reporting features to their look and feel. Our White Label Option is just another reason why industry leaders are making Check Gateway their "ACH Department".


  • White labeled reporting provides brand consistency and name recognition
  • An ISO can integrate our terms and conditions into their current application
  • White Labeled on line terms and conditions available
  • Our proprietary ACH Gateway can be fully White Labeled
  • Fraudchek and Collections can be white labeled and customized to an ISO’s needs
  • An ISO that is White Labeled does not need to hold liability. Checkgateway can hold liability while maintaining a presence in the background.