Remote Deposit Capture

Your business is more back-office than storefront? No problem. Check Gateway allows you to make remote deposits. Funds are available lickety-split - without a trip to the bank. In addition to Remote Deposit Capture, Check Gateway also offers Check Conversion. Instantaneously convert a paper check to an electronic check at the point of sale. Using an imager much like a credit card magnetic strip reader, you can scan a customer's check and perform electronic check conversion.

As an ISO that specializes in mail order merchants it is essential that we offer Remote Deposit Capture. By using Check Gateway not only are we able to offer RDC we can sell it to our base knowing they will get the best service available Active ISO

Key Features

  • Securely convert a paper check to an electronic check ACH transaction
  • Deposit checks as they come in or in batches
  • Save one trip - or many - to the bank
  • Integrated with FraudChek, giving you real-time account status and identity verification at the point of sale or upon opening your payment envelope
  • Quicker availability of funds
  • All transaction data are housed on our website - settlement and reporting are a snap
  • Convert a paper check to an electronic check
  • Quicker availability of funds
  • Real-time verification of account status and customer identity
  • Integrated with ACH processing
  • All of your transactional data is under one virtual roof, making settlement and reporting through MerchantCenter a breeze