Point of Sale Conversion

Using the Check Gateway POS Conversion products simplifies you or your clients business exponentially. While it may not seem to taxing to make trips to the bank daily or weekly to deposit checks, statistically this activity costs businesses money. Not only do you run a higher likelihood of a check being returned over a converted check but it creates extra work and causes a more difficult task in bookkeeping requirements. Converting checks into an ACH draft is simple and easy. This is a perfect product for any brick and mortar or mail order business. Combine this product with Check Guarantee and you have a winning formula. For more information contact one of our Account Managers.

Adding POS conversion to our product offering has been a great way to increase revenue and make our merchants extremely happy. As an ISO this is an invaluable product to have in our arsenal Active ISO

Key Features

  • Simply scan a check and the automated process will take care of the rest.
  • Robust reporting allows you or your clients to see the status of all checks converted to ACH
  • Helps organize and manage any collection action you or your merchant must undertake.
  • If a merchant is using the Check Gateway Collection program the data is automatically pushed into the collection system. This makes collection management worry free and simple
  • Converted checks can be processed through a consumers bank faster than depositing paper checks.
  • Conversion will eliminate most trips to the bank and it is just as convenient to convert hundreds of checks as it is to convert one
  • Consumers like the process and makes their experience easier
  • Conversion can be combined with guarantee. This makes it an all inclusive check processing service.
  • Conversion clients also have access to The Virtual Terminal. Now accepting checks over the phone of online will be easy and efficient